Kevin Bieksa throws shade at the Sharks; Logan Couture responds appropriately

This series hasn’t been going too well for the Canucks. They’re down 3-0 in the series and could see their season end Tuesday night. They have had mostly unrealiable goaltending. And it’s all coming at the hands to the Sharks, their mortal enemies.

So, needless to say, defenseman Kevin Bieksa is no doubt frustrated. That frustration boiled over on Monday after practice when he publicly questioned the integrity and, by extension, patriotism of two of the Sharks’ best players—Joe Thornton and Logan Couture.

Patriotism? Wha’? Yes, for reals.


“Those are two Canadian guys who are supposed to be playing the game with integrity,” Bieksa said after the Canucks practiced at HP Pavilion. “Maybe our team has to do more of that.”

And then:

“Couture has been snapping his head back. This isn’t my opinion. The evidence is in the video,” Bieksa told reporters. “Thornton, another so-called Canadian … He gets slashed, takes his glove off, shakes his hand.”

Couture channeled Weekend Update on SNL when he responded to Bieksa’s comments:

“Really?” was his first reaction. Then he continued. “There’s really not much to say. I’m not going to go to the media and do any talking. I’ll do my talking on the ice.”

Couture has done just that so far this series. In only three games, he’s racked up six points, on three goals and three assists, including a four-point game in Game 3 on Sunday. Bieksa, meantime, has just one point and a minus-two over the series. Oh, and he also connected on a shot to Martin Havlat’s man region in Game 1. Bieksa, we’d like to point out, is also Canadian.

So, really, Kevin Bieksa? You’re the one calling Canadians out for not playing the game with integrity? I mean, really.

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