Stephen Curry wonders if Gregg Popovich was sauced after Michael Jordan comparison

A lot of observers have called Stephen Curry the MVP of the playoffs thus far. Gregg Popovich has taken it a step further. The Spurs coach evoked Michael Jordan’s name when attempting describe some of the things Curry has been doing on the basketball court, recalling the 35 points he torched the Spurs for in the final week of the regular season. From 48 Minutes of Hell:

“I was almost in a mesmerized state in our last game at Golden State watching Curry shoot,” he said prior to tip of Game 2 in the Spurs’ first-round series against the Lakers. “I was just watching. It was like playing against Michael Jordan. I was watching Curry make shots I couldn’t believe anybody could make.”

On Sunday, Curry was relayed those remarks and played the humble card by questioning Popovich’s drinking habits:

On another note, Curry better hope Popovich is actually drunk for much of their series if the Warriors want a better chance to advance.

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