Is this lady the infamous screaming Spurs fan from Game 1?

As thrilling as Game 1 between the Spurs and Warriors was Monday night, it came with a price. As the Spurs began their historic comeback late in the fourth quarter and the game progressed into multiple overtimes, those of us watching the TNT broadcast at home had the tremendous misfortune of being introduced to a distracting shrieking Spurs fan who would not shut up. A sampling:

It was like that for at least 45 minutes until the end of the game. Was somebody being stabbed? Tortured? Giving birth? All were valid possibilities until none turned out to be reported by the news.

By Tuesday morning however, the attention shifted to figuring out who this crazy lady—or shrill-voiced guy—was.

And thanks to yeoman’s work by KENS-TV’s Dillon Collier, we apparently we have our suspect. Clearly shameless 23-year-old dental assistant Val Garcia has stepped forward claiming to be the person who drove America to shoving sharpened pencils into our ears:

More, via KENS:

“I swear my eyes were going to pop out of my face. I was totally out of breath. After the game I felt lightheaded, my voice was shot.”

You don’t say.

Deadspin’s Tim Burke postulated that the person making all the dogs in our neighborhoods bark wildly was somebody in this shot:


It’s still not clear where Garcia’s seat was located or if she’s anywhere in that image. Craning neck tongue lady maybe? I was really hoping it would actually be hammered jersey bro above Dick Stockton’s head.

H/T Bay Area Sports Guy

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