Stephen Curry makes this week’s Sports Illustrated cover (Photo)

Stephen Curry has been the breakout star of these playoffs. And after an electrifying first round to lead the Warriors to a series victory over the Nuggets, Curry has his first Sports Illustrated cover as a pro.

The cover, for an issue that will hit newsstands later this week, features Curry taking a shot (which he probably nailed) in Oracle Arena during the first round. It’s accompanied by the headline: “Give Stephen Curry An Inch And He Might Take Golden State A Mile.” Unless, of course, he’s played over 50 minutes and running on fumes. Yes, a Game 1 vs. the Spurs joke.


I’ll leave it up to you to decide if the Warriors now have the notorious SI cover jinx hanging over them. Monday night’s meltdown, we should point out, occurred before the cover was released to the masses.

This is the first cover featuring the Warriors since December 1997, when—of course—the Latrell Sprewell choking incident was news. Nice that the Warriors’ lasting Sports Illustrated legacy can no longer be left on a sour note.

The last Warriors player to be featured prominent on the SI cover was World B. Free when he graced the front of the magazine on December 15, 1980.

Oh, and the eagle eyed of you might have noticed Yoenis Cespedes also with a cameo on at the top of the cover. Oakland, stand up!

[cover via Warriors.com]

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