Warriors returned to court to thank fans after Game 6 loss (Video)

The Warriors had just lost Game 6 to the Spurs. They were eliminated from the playoffs. The season was over. The players, crestfallen, headed to the locker room, walking off the court for the final time this season. But taking a page out of the script of “Little Big League,” they, led by fearless leader Stephen Curry, returned to the floor, where a large chunk of fans remained in the stands, to offer one final gesture of gratitude to the crowd that was so unwavering and unmatched in its zeal throughout this postseason journey.

Just us.

Boy, I bet those fans who left early feel like assholes now.

The player who seemingly wanted the moment never to end? Jarrett Jack, who knows this might be the last time he plays in that jersey in front of that crowd. From Marcus Thompson:

When the final horn had sounded, the Warriors shook hands with the Spurs and headed to the locker room. But Jack remained. He circled the court, a towel over his head, clapping with the fans. Before long, his teammates and coaches returned. They all took a bow at midcourt before guard Stephen Curry took the microphone and thanks the thousands of fans in yellow shirts remaining.

His future with the Warriors is uncertain. Jack, who made $5 million this season, will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

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