Will Charles Woodson get to wear No. 24 for the Raiders?

Now that Charles Woodson is back with the Raiders, the burning question that many have is: “Will he wear 24 as his jersey number?”

SHUT UP, THIS IS IMPORTANT. There are countless Raiders fans dusting off crumpled old No. 24 Woodson jerseys dug up from the doldrums of their closets or dressers (yours truly included). None of those people wants their newly relevant jersey being deemed worthless. Woodson surely doesn’t want a different number, either. So, what’s the hang-up?

As it currently stands, the person on the Raiders roster with the number is Tracy Porter, who signed with the team this offseason.

Woodson discussed this conundrum with the media on Wednesday:

Q: Speaking of those cornerbacks, you talk to Porter yet about that No. 24?

Woodson: No. We’ll definitely have to have that conversation though. We haven’t had it yet, but I don’t know…Raider Nation has me back, but I don’t if they’ll have me back without the 24 on my back.

True that.

There’s also a legacy at stake here with that number and Raiders defensive backs, as Woodson gets into:

It’d been awhile since I’d seen Willie Brown. He’s one of my favorite people ever. It was great to see him and give him a big hug. We always joke about who the real 24 is. So it was good to have that back and forth with him. And get the deal done and then call him and say, ‘Willie Brown, I’m coming back. The real 2-4 is coming back.’

You know who isn’t in the “real 2-4″ conversation? Well, yeah, Michael Huff, duh, but also Tracy Porter. No disrespect to Porter; he’s a fine player who’s shined on the NFL’s biggest stage. But he’s no Charles Woodson or Willie Brown. Porter has worn No. 22 (currently belonging to Taiwan Jones) his entire career, so we doubt he has any emotional, heartfelt attachment to 24. Therefore, we expect this whole thing to be resolved properly and without complication.

So, you can all stop bothering Porter on Twitter already.

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