Charles Woodson has no number on his practice jersey (Photo)


We have the latest development in the Charles Woodson jersey number saga we know you all have been on pins and needles over, and it’s potentially bad news for you nostalgics.

That photo above comes from Raiders OTAs on Tuesday. And as you can see Woodson looks like some scrub the team just brought in and didn’t have anything better to give him, which is only maybe half true.

To make things interesting, according to Silver and Black Pride, Tracy Porter is still the one wearing No. 24 on his practice jersey on Tuesday.

So maybe Porter is playing hardball in the negotiations. Or maybe both players are just going to wait until after OTAs to make the swap official. Either way, it seems as if maybe Charles Woodson isn’t so much of a lock to wear No. 24 for the Raiders this season.

this truth remains: a Charles Woodson Raiders jersey with any number other than 24 on it is going to be weird.

[photo via @raiders]

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