Raiders: D.J. Hayden released from hospital

After being hospitalized last week with an abdominal injury, Raiders rookie cornerback D.J. Hayden has reportedly been released from Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley and, according to the Raiders, is “resting comfortably at home.”

Hayden reportedly suffered from stomach pains during first week of Raiders OTAs and was checked into the hospital, where he reportedly had scar tissue removed.

Even though there’s been a rush to judgement from many outside of the situation, it’s not certain as of right now if the incident is related to his near-fatal chest injury last November in which he tore a major vein near his heart during practice and needed surgery to save his life. The Raiders say this latest issue will keep the rookie out until training camp in July.

Meanwhile, the L.A. Times on Tuesday spoke to Hayden’s doctor in college, Dr. Walter Lowe, who isn’t “overly concerned” about the injury and said the latest procedure Hayden underwent is common. He estimates Hayden would need six weeks to recover:

“Having an adhesion from a big belly surgery is something the general surgeons see day in and day out.”

Lowe said there are different ways of fixing the problem, including making another incision or a less-invasive scoping of the region.

“You lose some strength, you lose some conditioning, so this won’t be where he’s back on the practice field in two weeks,” he said.

“You just hope that it doesn’t become recurrent. You hope that this doesn’t happen twice a year or something. You can see bowel obstructions from people that have had their appendix taken out. Anything in the belly can lead to a bowel obstruction from scarring. It’s usually a one-time thing and done. So hopefully this is the end of that issue too.”

[via Steve Corkran]

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