Klay Thompson wears a onesie called a ‘Swagga Suit’ (Photo)


Klay Thompson was the butt of jokes earlier this year for allegedly being treated like a child by his parents. So now, of course, he’s going to dress like a child.

But that’s no ordinary onesie; it’s a Swagga Suit! (Spoiler alert: It’s still a onesie.) Swagga Suits are created by a company of University of Washington students, no doubt all bros and broettes. They first blew up in popularity when former Huskies hoops star Jon Brockman sported a UW version of the onesie, er, excuse me, Swagga Suit last year. And now here’s Klay Thompson with the Cougars version. There are also additional versions available for other Pac-12 schools in the northwest.

Even with the super bro-y name, when it comes down to it, these are still onesies. Eh, at least they don’t have bunny ears. Anyway, the rise of this horrible fashion trend is perhaps best explained by Jason Lisk:

Coincidence that this is occurring less than six months after the state of Washington legalized marijuana? I think not.

H/T The Big Lead; photo via SwaggaSuits.com

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