Stephen Curry hopes to play entire career with the Warriors

Maybe looking ahead more than a week isn’t a very wise thing to do with somebody as injury-prone as Stephen Curry, but this is still nice thing for Warriors fans to hear coming from the mouth of everybody’s favorite Steve.

From Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer:

I ask him Tuesday if he can see himself playing for a team other than Golden State.

“I can’t,” he says.

Curry talks about the four-year $44 million extension he signed seven months ago that kicks in next season. He’ll be 29 when the contract expires.

“I know that not many players play their whole career for one team in one city,” says Curry. “I don’t see a better place to play.”

What else would you expect him to say? “Yeah, I love playing for the Warriors now, but when my contract’s up, all bets are off. TRYNA GET DEM RINGS.” That would be hilarious to hear coming from Curry, but let’s be real. Not Curry’s style.

Right now the only thing that matters is Curry is locked in with the team for the next four seasons just as his career is taking off. Would it be nice if Curry remained in the Bay Area for the rest of his career? If his health cooperates and his play doesn’t drop off before expected, then duh.

But looking beyond his current contract at this time is just messing with your own emotions. You never know what type of team the Warriors will be, what type of player Curry is going to be or what his health situation will be. The sentiment from Curry is nice. Let’s see if he can give the Warriors a reason to make his wish come true.

H/T Pro Basketball Talk

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