Raiders’ passing offense isn’t doing so well

Tuesday was the first day of Raiders mandatory minicamp, so let’s check in on the offense to see how it’s doing.

Soooo, sounds like there’s room for improvement! (Much more tweets of a similar theme can be found on Steve Corkran’s Twitter feed.)

Obviously, it’s only June and it’s only been a few weeks since this team in its current incarnation first assembled. And in their attempt to dismiss or sugar coat the blatant early struggles in the passing game, the Raiders are using excuses along those lines. From BANG:

“I don’t allow that to frustrate me,” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said following practice. “I understand where we’re at in the season. I understand that we’ve got a lot of new pieces, a lot of new guys working together and I don’t concern myself with that.

“I know we’ve got a lot of work to do, but the way our guys are working, we’re going to get where we need to be.”

Matt Flynn:

“We’re starting with a new offense. Everyone is learning. We’re getting there. We’re making more plays than we did in Week 1 and we’re feeling more comfortable.

“From what I’m seeing, I’m impressed with how much mental work everyone is putting in and how much everyone is believing right now.”

Terrelle Pryor:

“It’s about how much you study to get those protection calls down so we can be stress free in the pocket,” Pryor said. “I did a great job today getting those calls down.”

We didn’t do the single most important thing quarterbacks are supposed to do well at all, but at least we did some things OK! What, are you expecting a sticker or something?

The thing to remember, though, is there already wasn’t much to expect from the Raiders passers coming into the 2013 season. Expectations are small, if existent at all. Tyler Wilson is a rookie. Pryor, despite flashes of promise, probably has no business being an every-down quarterback in this league. And Flynn, the presumptive starter, is still an enigma as to what type of player he can be away from the cushy confines of the Packers’ well-oiled passing system.

The media was limited in its access during OTAs the last couple weeks, so it not clear if this funk has been a trend. Media folks will be present for all three days of minicamp. Consider the passing game under the microscope for the remaining two days. There could be an improvement. This could have been just a one-day bed-pooping. Still much remains to be seen. But it’s hard to get excited and ooze optimism moving forward after such an uninspiring progress report.

[vai BANG]

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