Sewage back-up in Coliseum showers causes A’s, Mariners to flee clubhouses

Raw sewage backing up in clubhouse showers? Sounds like something the wretched Rachel Phelps would have unleashed on poor Lou Brown and co. in “Major League.” But instead it was a reality for the A’s and Mariners after Sunday afternoon’s game at the decrepit O.co Coliseum. Yes, after many previous analogous jokes, the Coliseum finally became an actual toilet.

During the matinee contest, the clubhouse level of the stadium began to flood when sewage apparently started seeping out of the shower drains. The cause was likely from stadium bathrooms being overused by the game’s sellout crowd. It forced players from both teams to seek refuge together in the showers of the Raiders’ locker room, which is located on a different level of Coliseum. Here’s more from reporters at the likely disgusting, smelly, nightmare-inducing scene:

So, if it already wasn’t abundantly clear beforehand (ahem, Jon Heyman), Sunday’s lavatorial fiasco is enough proof as to why the A’s desperately need a new stadium. Like, really, really badly. You hear that, Bud Selig? THE A’S NEED A NEW STADIUM. At least the A’s are about to embark on a road trip.

In conclusion:


[photo via @Real_JeffHoward]

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