Benches clear in Giants-Padres game (Video)

Tempers flared in the top of the second inning of the Giants’ 5-4 win over the Padres on Wednesday after Madison Bumgarner threw behind Padres first baseman Jesus Guzman, sending both teams into PG-13-rated send-up of the infamous romp of their NL West brethren, the Dodgers and Diamondbacks:

It’s possible Bumgarner was retaliating for Guzman’s overzealous celebration after a pinch-hit home run from the night before (Bumgarner wouldn’t talk about the skirmish after the game), as seen in this GIF:


Guzman immediately took exception to Bumgarner’s antics. And before long both teams were on the field puffing out their chests and coming one step short of making mating calls. Amazingly, it took almost the entire effort of both teams to restrain Bumgarner as Guzman lobbed yo mama jokes from afar.

But, ultimately, it was a tame affair. Tensions died down before it turned into a full-on Jerry Springer episode. No, there weren’t any coaches being hurled over railing. Mark McGwire wasn’t there to turn into the Hulk on people, either. Warnings issued to both benches. No ejections.

Guzman got the best of Bumgarner in the seventh, though, when he hit a home run off the left-hander. But the Giants got the last laugh at the end of the game, by way of how math works.

[GIF via CSNBA; vid via MLB]

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