Cause of Coliseum sewage back-up was mystery object flushed down toilet?

When word broke both clubhouses at O.co Coliseum were flooded with sewage after Sunday’s game, the immediate assumption about the cause was the Coliseum’s age. Those pipes have been through a lot in 48 years (nachos and chili dogs, and we’ll leave it at that). That’s a lot of mileage. That’s a lot of flushes.

In fact, even reports early on implicated overuse of the stadium’s restrooms by the capacity crowds from that homestand as the primary reason for the back-up in the clubhouse showers. But according to the Coliseum’s general manager, the question at the root of all of this doesn’t have to do with a how much but rather a what.

That is, some einstein tried to flush something down the toilet that they shouldn’t have.

From the Chronicle:

What’s more, the Coliseum’s general manager, Chris Wright, takes issue with statements by the Oakland A’s front office that the raw-sewage backup that forced ballplayers from their locker rooms Sunday was only the latest instance of a common problem.

“There have been prior plumbing issues,’’ Wright said, “but this was the first time there was a backup of the sewage with this situation.’’

The A’s, who are trying to move to San Jose, said the backup was an example of why they need a new ballpark. […]

Wright, however, said there was nothing structurally wrong with the Coliseum’s plumbing — though the pipes involved in Sunday’s incident were not replaced as part of the expansion that accompanied the Oakland Raiders’ return in the 1990s.

The problem Sunday, he said, was that someone jammed something down a toilet that didn’t belong, clogging a line. The line has been cleared and it’s undamaged, he said.

Feel free to provide your best guesses as to this mystery object that was forced down a toilet. We’ll start things off by guessing it was a Jack Cust jersey flushed down the drain by some A’s fan who finally came to the sad realization they own a Jack Cust jersey.

H/T Baseball Nation

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