Gilbert Arenas arrested for having 100 pounds of illegal fireworks


Gilbert Arenas is out of the NBA, but Gilbert Arenas is still getting arrested for the most Gilbert Arenas things ever.

The former Warriors point guard was pulled over by police for speeding early Thursday morning in LA. According to TMZ, he was popped going 80 and was also busted for driving without a license. That’s when cops found enough illegal fireworks in Arenas’ pickup as if Arenas’ house was hosting the 4th of July fireworks show of the century next week. Or at least it was about to be.

Here’s TMZ explaining the situation in its own usual reserved tone and highly educated style:

Ex-NBA star Gilbert Arenas’ 4th of July is gonna suck — ’cause he got nailed by cops early this morning for illegal fireworks — A TON OF ILLEGAL FIREWORKS — as in a full truckload of ‘em … TMZ has learned. [...]

It’s unclear exactly how much fireworks were in the truck, but it was enough that the LAPD bomb squad was called to handle the illegal booty.

Our camera guy counted around 20 boxes being unloaded … very carefully.

In the end, the hibachi master was released without bail and booked with misdemeanor possession.

Here’s video from the scene of the crime:


  • davidg32

    I like Puig very much and would love to see him in the ASG…but I agree he hasn’t really played enough to warrant inclusion over other players have solid years.  Don’t the fans still get to vote for a “Fan Favorite” selection?  I know we did for a year or two.  I hope we still can.  That would just about guarantee his spot in the All-Star Game.  LA fans will vote for him, and just about all the other baseball fans in the country will vote for him, too.  Haven’t seen this much excitement over a player since Fernando-mania or Bird Fydrich.