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Necessary adjustments by the 49ers


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To some, the wounds from the loss to Baltimore Ravens are still fresh in mind; losing money on such a bet should teach one to actively understand NFL wagering strategy. But the fall of the 49ers can’t by any means be used to judge a team that has sorely crushed most of its opponents for at least half of the past season. Either way, this makes it logical for anyone seriously considering wagering on the 49ers to do it well, since modern sport is a somewhat unpredictable affair. If you are looking where to wager on football, it would be best to visit websites such as WagerOnSports.com. Setting out to bet on America sports will give a prospective client information on the team in question so that the person making the wager has the benefit of making an informed decision.

For a team that has won five of the six Super Bowls it has played in, the 49ers boast a lethal potency whenever they make it to that stage. As such, the Super Bowl odds going into the game were stacked for the 49ers even though they last lifted the trophy in 1994. Looking at a team whose greatest strength is a brick wall for a defense, it did and still does require a certain degree of shrewdness in placing the proper sports odd.

Patrick Willis‘ statement regarding the defense drives this point home even further: “We have one heartbeat… If we play together, we believe good things will happen.” Looking at the facts it is clear to see why only ‘good things’ happen. Coupled with the fact that no team dropped fewer points than they did for the duration of the season (13) as seen from the stats at the NFL’s official website, we see that the proof is in the pudding. By this I mean that we’re looking at All-Pro linebacker Willis; Aldon Smith; Tarell Brown; NaVorro Bowman; not forgetting Ahmad Brooks. With regard to this, the only improvement that can be made to the 49ers defensive line-up (so to speak) would be to try and maintain the form, fitness and morale of the players up. If the form is to be sustained, then the club’s powers of persuasion or acumen in signing good players should count. Justin Smith’s statement that the current contract extension would be his last is a good case in point.

Jim Harbaugh needs to put more depth in the squad. It was embarrassingly obvious that Aldon Smith’s play was negatively affected by Justin Smith’s torn left triceps. Football wagering in its true sense must always take into account the current exigencies that the team players face individually that could have an effect on the overall team performance. This consideration is crucial when one seeks to bet on NFL games.

If the 49ers’ offense was as good as their defense, the team we’re talking about here would be phenomenal and unstoppable in every sense of the word. It should be noted though that the San Francisco 49ers desperately need to work on their run game. Turning to new players in an attempt to take some of the pressure off of Frank Gore is only a temporary solution. The “dynasty” that the 49ers coach has built requires a permanence and reliance that free agents may lack. It may not always be the best idea to depend on catches like Vance McDonald because there is always the possibility of a slip-up that would see the top draft picks go elsewhere. Also, free agents tend to be gambles; if not so they may not deliver on the scale required. Besides, an over-reliance on its young players could see the team in the doldrums for lack of experience in the locker room. Certainly, wagering on the continued success of the team needs to take into account all the factors explored above.

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