Report: Warriors to meet with Dwight Howard on Monday

With NBA free agency about to kick off on Monday, that means the always vexing Dwight Howard circus will be pitching its tent soon near a TV, mobile device, computer and Twitter feed near you. Yaaaaaaaaaay!

Howard is wasting no time to meet with teams interested in his services. According to reports, he’s expected to meet with the usual suspects already linked to him — the two front runners, the Rockets and the Mavericks; the Hawks; those poor saps about to be screwed, the Lakers; and, yes, your Golden State Warriors.

According to USA Today’s Sam Amick, the Warriors contingent — reportedly made up of Joe Lacob, Bob Myers and Mark Jackson (it’d be a wrap if Scalabrine was in tow) — are expected to meet with Howard on Monday.

We’ve already gone over what Dwight Howard would mean for the Warriors. In short: nothing good.

We don’t why the Warriors are still drunk off their ass on Howard as they were once upon a time. It’s almost as if they haven’t watched a single minute of the Howard soap opera over the last year and a half. The Warriors should just let all the other teams fight over the biggest, shiniest toy truck in the sandbox. A toy truck that nobody wants to realize is covered in lead paint.

But don’t worry. The Rockets and Mavericks are considered the favorites to land Howard, and his road to the Warriors is far more complicated than to any of the other teams because it would require a sign-and-trade.

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