Here’s a Buster Posey portrait made of LEGO bricks (Photo)


A Buster Posey portrait? Sounds kinda boring. But a Buster Posey portrait made out of LEGO bricks? Now it’s exciting (even if only for the potential risk of total disaster)!

With the Giants playing a series in nearby Cincinnati the catcher had a chance to come face to face with the artsy LEGO version of himself on Tuesday. It’s normally on display at the Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville, Ky. The 25-inch-by-30 portrait by artist Sean Kenney is made out of over 5,000 bricks. So, no pressure to whoever has to carry it around.

Too bad the Giants can’t put LEGO Posey in the lineup. They need it right now.


[photos via Hank Schulman, Sam Ryan]

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