Warriors still alive in Dwight Howard race?

You know all that talk about how the Rockets are the consensus favorites in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, and how the Warriors, despite having a seat at the table, were effective longshots?

Yeah, forget all that.

Because, according to Mark Stein, after their meeting on Monday, the Warriors have made this race more a lot interesting:

So, what about all that talk about taxes and money and sign-and-trades not being in the Warriors’ favor? What the hell happened? Marcus Thompson explains:

I’m told in the meeting Mark Jackson was really impressive, which is not surprising from a noted motivator. Also told the Warriors’ pitch to Dwight Howard included being surrounded by Stephen Curry AND Klay Thompson AND Harrison Barnes. Apparently, Howard liked the prospects of that. But doesn’t that sound like the Warriors don’t have plans to include them in a sign-and-trade with the Lakers? Some believe, including in the Warriors organization, that Los Angeles has no leverage. If Dwight says I want to play in Golden State, and if you don’t trade me there I am going to Houston, do the Lakers really bid him adieu?

Oh. Well, fudge.

Howard is expected to make his decision on Friday.

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