Baron Davis says he was abducted by aliens two weeks ago


Andrei Kirilenko’s least favorite basketball player ever Baron Davis was recently a guest on “The Champs” podcast, and it was… interesting. It was just your typical podcast, nothing out of the ordinary. The topic shifted to the extraterrestrial, and then B.D. just casually admitted to hosts/comedians Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher that he was abducted by aliens two weeks ago on his was back to LA from Las Vegas.

Tell us more, Baron!

“Next thing you know, dude, I was in this fuckin’ steel thing. And these crazy lookin’, people, like, half-human, half, like, fuckin’ ugly mother fuckers. … They were poking me on my nose and shit. They were poking me on my nose and looking at me in my eyes. They had my hands tied up, and next thing you know I was fuckin’ in Montebello burning rubber on the way back to LA. It was like 4 o’clock in the morning.”

So what does Davis do after this bizarre, horrifying ordeal? Naturally, he went to In-N-Out.

It’s highly recommended you listen to the rest of the clip here:

In conclusion, Baron Davis does CRAZY drugs in Las Vegas.

H/T Deadspin

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