Sharks clown ESPN, St. Louis Blues after bad ‘Sharknado’ jokes

“Sharknado” is the comically bad, low-budget Syfy movie starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering battling man-eating sharks in the streets of Los Angeles after falling from the sky thanks to a powerful hurricane. (That is an actual sentence.) If you missed the premiere Thursday night, you missed the movie event of the summer, and you better feel bad.

The movie was the subject of much discussion — almost all of it negative, of course — on the Internet and social media during its premiere. 1.37 million people reportedly tuned into the premiere, and probably all of them were live-mocking it on Twitter. All the cool kids were doing it. It was like making fun a kid in high school with a “kick me” sign on his back. (You almost want to feel bad for the people involved with the movie. But c’mon. “Sharknado”? They knew what they were getting themselves into.) So, if you didn’t watch it, well, it means you probably actually have a life.

This brings us to Friday, when the Worldwide Leader in Sports thought it would be clever to poke fun at the only major professional sports team named after sharks.

It backfired. Horribly.


But wait, there’s more! ESPN wasn’t the only one thinking it has jokes. The St. Louis Blues later chimed in as well, and the Sharks disposed of them just as deftly as they did Bristol.

In sum, the Sharks are your Friday winners of the Internet.

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