Hunter Pence’s diving catch preserves Tim Lincecum’s no-hitter (Video)

Tim Lincecum and his soul patch threw his first career no-hitter Saturday night against the Padres. But Lincecum is going to owe Hunter Pence dinner or naming rights to his first born or something after Pence made what Lincecum later described as a “Superman catch” to end the eighth and keep the no-no in tact with just three outs to go. Because every no-hitter requires a highlight catch, right? Lincecum also got some nifty help from Pablo Sandoval an inning earlier.

It’s the Giants’ 15th no-hitter in franchise history and first since Matt Cain’s perfect game last year. It’s also just the second no-hitter in MLB this season. The other one, of course, came against these Giants last week (ironically, in a game Lincecum started) courtesy of Homer Bailey.

To go along with the goose egg in the hits column, Lincecum had a season-high 13 strikeouts, four walks and zero runs in nine innings. He probably took it easy with the high fives after the game; it took 148 pitches to achieve the feat.


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