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BREAKING: Yoenis Cespedes hits baseballs really, really far


That GIF should say it all.

And with that bat flip, Yoenis Cespedes essentially said, “Hello, baseball world. My name is Yoenis Cespedes,” as he introduced himself to the mainstream public by claiming Monday night’s Home Run Derby crown in style. But it wasn’t about just the total that made his Derby win special. It was also about the distance. Indeed, his 17 homers in the first round are tied for third most in a single round in history. But Cespedes was absolutely crushing baseballs and sending them to reaches of Citi Field that amazed the capacity crowd and viewers at home stuck listening to Chris Berman pronounce his name wrong all night, all while those of us who follow the A’s closely were like, “You guys are surprised by this?

His first round tally totaled 6,980 feet, the equivalent of 1.90 miles or 1,288.5 Jose Altuves. He tacked on six more in the second round and nine more in the final against Bryce Harper. It was a better show than anything on Brodway Monday night. Just ask those people in the third deck who came away with souvenirs.

Brett Anderson said it best:

Fittingly, the slugger ended the hitting spectacle by delivering his final homer of the night — which edged him ahead of Harper for the win — off the batters eye in center field. Some 450 feet away. Translation: Far. Observe:

Oh, and he also hit one of those trucks in center:

And here’s the super cut of all 32 homers he hit:

So, yeah, that GIF should say it all.

(Sorry all the videos had blowhard Chris Berman blowharding in them.)

[GIF via @brettanderson49; MLB.com]

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