Here’s Bud Selig to once again tell us nothing useful about the A’s new ballpark


Gather ’round, boys and girls! Time now to once again check in with Bud Selig for an A’s ballpark situation status update. Per Paul Gutierrez:

The baseball commissioner cited legal reasons for not talking about the A’s, their stadium situation and the club’s well-known desire to move to the South Bay.

“We’ve talked to Mayor (Chuck) Reed,” Selig said. “You know we’re in litigation with San Jose, and therefore, obviously, that is not a subject that can’t be discussed while this litigation is ongoing.”

Oh, right. Legal issues. What a convenient excuse. Not like you should have expected anything, otherwise.

But, to steal a line from Bud himself, thank you for asking.

This update has been brought to you by spinelessness.

[CSNBA; photo via]

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