Ahmad Brooks won’t be charged after assaulting teammate with beer bottle

49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks reportedly will not be charged with assault after he was accused of hitting teammate Lamar Divens over the head with a beer bottle in June.

It was just over two weeks ago when it was first reported that the Santa Clara County DA’s office was debating whether to charge Brooks with a felony or a misdemeanor, if anything at all. According to the Sac Bee, DA Jeff Rosen passed on filing charges after new evidence emerged during a subsequent investigation:

That investigation turned up new evidence, including a May incident at Brooks’ home in which Divens pushed Brooks to the ground, causing a two-inch cut on Brooks’ leg. According to the DA report, the two had been “wrestling” and “shadow boxing” throughout the afternoon. No one called the police, Brooks tended to his wound and Divens remained at the party.

Divens, who reportedly required three stitches, never pressed charges against Brooks, because as he notably said in documents, “this would be bad for both of their careers,” and also reportedly later received $1 million from Brooks. Both developments are reportedly reasons why there was disagreement in the DA’s office over whether to how Brooks should be charged.

From our original post two weeks ago:

The alleged incident happened in the early hours of June 8 outside of Brooks’ house in San Jose after a night at the bars downtown. No surprise, the details are ugly. Brooks allegedly beat Divens, who drove, with a bottle on the head and punched him in the face over an argument over Brooks’ car keys. Brooks even allegedly threatened to get a gun. Over car keys! So, yeah, never go drinking with Ahmad Brooks.

Brooks, who agreed to a six-year extension with the 49ers last year, was facing the possibility of up to four years behind bars. He is, however, still not immune from facing the potential ire of Roger Goodell. So, don’t be surprised if Brooks is eventually called to Principal Goodell’s office in New York before the season begins.

The 49ers’ statement:

“The 49ers organization is aware that the District Attorney of Santa Clara County has closed this matter,” the 49ers said in a statement. “As an organization, we look forward to moving on from this situation and will have no further comment.”

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