Seahawks fans trying to buy anti-49ers brick at Levi’s Stadium


So, the 49ers are allowing fans the opportunity to purchase commemorative bricks that will be inscribed with a message of their choice and be laid at the team’s “Fanwalk” at Levi’s Stadium. It’s a way for the 49ers to chip away at that $1.3 billion price tag for their new football mega-palace (there’s a tip, Raiders!). But if you’re any bit as immature as I am, then you know this is open season for pranksters to leave an immortal mark at the 49ers’ soon-to-be home.

Some Seahawks fans evidently are as immature as I am and have already set the wheels in motion to do just that. There’s been an online campaign being run through the Seahawks’ subreddit page on Reddit to purchase a brick with either a pro-Seahawks or anti-49ers message transcribed on it. Very trolltastic of them. Again, this is easily the best rivalry going on in professional football right now.

Some of the message suggestions, per the Merc:

On Reddit, users suggested buying bricks with phrases such as “Congrats on the second best stadium in the NFC West,” “Ravens 34, 49ers 31″ (the score of this year’s Super Bowl) or sly phrases in which the first letter of each word spells out “G-O-H-A-W-K-S.”

As of writing, the fans have reportedly raised over $700. The bricks are going between $195 and $545 and just went on sale last week.

Because the 49ers are no dummies, every brick’s message has to first be approved, hence why there’s a push to go with a secret pro-Seahawks message. But with all the media attention this has generated already, it’s probably safe to say any remotely suspicious messages will be rejected.

“That (an anti-49ers message) would probably get shot down so I don’t think we’re even going to try it,” said Willy Hu, a 24-year-old Seahawks fan who organized the fundraising campaign. He said he’ll put the brick language to a vote among the people who donated. “We don’t want to say anything hateful or derogatory. It’s the 49ers doorstep.”

You disappoint me, Seahawks fans. I thought this was a rivalry.

[SJ Mercury News]

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