Chris Kluwe wears Google Glass during Raiders training camp (Videos)


Ever since Google Glass, Google’s uber-expensive computer spectacles that make people look like awkward-looking human robots, was unleashed on the masses a few fortunate select individuals, we’ve seen our share of POV videos during sporting events that have given us unique perspectives we rarely have had access to in the past.

But never has it been used during actual live NFL activity. That is until recently at Raiders training camp when Chris Kluwe wore a pair of Google Glass (Google Glasses?) and recorded some footage.

OK, yeah, he’s a punter. It’s not Denarius Moore running a deep post or Charles Woodson picking off a pass and taking it to the house or Darren McFadden running between the tackles and then spraining an ankle. But, even still, this is some fascinating footage you won’t get to find very often, until maybe the NFL invents a fiber optic version of Helmet Cam and installs it inside every player’s lid, or Apple, to compete with Google Glass, develops iBrain, a microchip that gets implanted in our brain stems (definitely get Apple Care protection with that). Oh, this is Chris Kluwe we’re talking about, so NSFW language ahead.

Here he is taking snaps and sending punts into the air:

Here’s Sebastian Janikowski taking some kicks with Glass on and then being told he looks like a Bond villain (uh, OK):

Sea Bass is not amused by your Dr. Evil comparisons, people.

Kluwe holding snaps for Janikowski:

And, finally, returning a punt against a team of invisible people:

[videos via @chriswarcraft]

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