Report: A’s out of Jake Peavy chase

Over the weekend, professional rumor starters, a.k.a. reporters, said that the A’s had emerged as the front runners in a field that includes other postseason hopefuls, the Red Sox, Orioles, Dodgers and Cardinals, to land Jake Peavy, one of the top starting pitchers on this year’s trade market.

It makes sense for the A’s—adding a veteran pitcher to the rotation, that is. The A’s are at or near the top in almost every major pitching category among AL teams, but they still have a very young rotation. Pretty much every pitcher not named Bartolo Colon has been prone to ugly hiccups now and then (see: Jarrod Parker’s start on Sunday, for one). It’s also not a bad thing to have all the arms you can when you’re hoping to make a run at the pennant.

Right. About all that…

So, what changed? Who knows exactly. Maybe in five years they’ll make a movie about this A’s season and Brad Pitt can explain why after he’s done throwing a chair across the room.

But more than likely, the White Sox’s asking price for Peavy went out of the A’s comfort zone.

Reports have said that the White Sox are looking to receive an organization’s top prospect (and possibly more) in exchange for the right-hander. (Specifically for the A’s, Sonny Gray and Addison Russell, two of the top four prospects in the A’s organization, were mentioned as White Sox targets.)

And when they were finished hysterically laughing and picked themselves off the floor upon hearing that proposal, opposing GM’s obviously told White Sox GM Rick Hahn no thanks. That’s probably why this report has emerged today:

So, is this just a way for the Sox to drive Peavy’s price up? Perhaps. If so, it’s a very thinly veiled attempt at doing so. It’s the oldest trick in the book, no?

But if we can see through all the bullshit, you know the pros can as well. Smart GM’s are also going to move on to Plan B like the A’s are rather than fall for said oldest trick in the book and overpay for a 32-year-old oft-injured starting pitcher with a 4.28 ERA this season. Maybe when the White Sox finally get realistic, the A’s could return as players in the Peavy hunt.

The trade deadline is Wednesday.

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