Brian Wilson signs with Dodgers; Giants fans riot on Twitter


Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports was the first to report that former Giants closer/annoying bearded guy Brian Wilson agreed to a contract with the Dodgers on Tuesday. Presumably The Machine is following in tow.

Wilson will reportedly be the setup man on a team that’s on the up-and-up and trying to solidify its postseason chances. His deal is reportedly only through the remainder of this season. He’ll start in the minors on a rehab stint, but make no mistake; Brian Wilson is now an official member of the hated rival Dodgers.

Of course, as is the time-honored tradition in all of Bay Area sports fandom, people wasted no time in freaking out. Upon learning of the news Tuesday morning, many insulted and angry Giants fans reacted in force with pitchforks and torches on Twitter. And it was hilarious. A sampling:

Some flustered Giants fans were more spelling-challenged than others:

We should point out that none of these people speak for all Giants fans. We’re sure there are plenty Giants fans who are being civil about Wilson joining forces with the bitter division foes and who also know how to spell “traitor.”

The overreaction, though, is obviously predicated on the assumption that the Giants actually were interested, which, oh, hey, angry Giants fans, they WEREN’T:

Sure, the Giants sent coaches to watch Wilson pitch earlier this month. But that doesn’t mean they had any interest in re-signing him. Open to the idea? OK. Curious? Sure. But interested? Hardly.

What’s more, let’s not lose sight of the fact the it was the Giants who did all the breaking up in this relationship. Early in the offseason, not too far out of the shadow of a World Series triumph, the Giants were the ones who non-tendered Wilson and made him a free agent. The team simply wasn’t willing to give $7 million to a guy coming off his second Tommy John surgery. It was a business move. But now who’s the disloyal one, irate Giants fans?

Wilson is a guy who was an integral part of the most successful stretch of seasons the team has seen since it moved out West, was an immense fan favorite and played on two teams that won the World Series. You don’t think he felt he deserved the benefit of the doubt, even after major surgery?

Publicly, though, even after all the hate pointed at his bearded head, Wilson is actually being sweet about everything:

Who knows if he signed with the Dodgers with the specific intention of sticking it to the Giants. But, good lawd, that Sept. 24-26 series at AT&T Park just got WAY more interesting.

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