Report: Bartolo Colon won’t be suspended for Biogenesis ties

MLB has been conducting its year-long Biogenesis witch hunt/investigation and is reportedly expected to drop the HAMMER soon on nine alleged cheaters/players being made an example of, chief among them Alex Rodriguez.

Ryan Braun has already been slapped with his suspension for the rest of the season, which amounts to 65 games. According to the New York Daily News, most of the players on the docket are expected to receive 50-game bans. Rodriguez, as you may have heard, is likely looking at a lot more games. Like, the next Olympics is probably going to happen before he could come back.

But none of that is anything the A’s have to worry about. While it’s not clear who the other eight players will be, according to the Daily News, Bartolo Colon, who has been named in the Biogenesis scandal, is not among the players MLB is going to suspend:

Not all of the players linked to Biogenesis in media reports face discipline, sources have told The News. Two former Yankees — Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Melky Cabrera and Oakland A’s pitcher Bartolo Colon — will not be punished because they already have been suspended as a result of their links to Biogenesis and its owner, self-styled “biochemist” Anthony Bosch.

Colon, who let’s just say is having an interestingly successful year for a 40 year old, was already suspended 50 games at the end of last season for testing positive for elevated testosterone levels.


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