Matt Garza is not of a fan of bunts, Eric Sogard

Thanks to a solid game plan, the A’s got out to a quick start on Matt Garza and the Rangers Saturday and held on for the 4-2 win to extend their lead in the AL West to 3.5 games.

That game plan was to bunt, bunt, bunt, bunt on Garza, who the scouting report says isn’t comfortable fielding bunts. The A’s did it twice in the first as they jumped out to a 3-0 lead. They did it again in the seventh to add an insurance run on a safety squeeze by the King of Nerd Power, Eric Sogard.

Garza did not enjoy the bunting clinic the A’s were providing on his watch. The pitcher shared some choice words for Sogard on the field after the squeeze. Because how dare the A’s try to do something that works to their advantage and helps them win the game.

Here’s how Garza described the incident after the game: “I asked him where was a good place to eat in Oakland.” Right.

Then came the fireworks. The real fireworks.

Hiding behind his private Twitter account, @Gdeuceswild, Garza went on an epic rant directed at Sogard, this time bringing Sogard’s wife, Kaycee, into the fold. Over Twitter, with a private account, it’s just trash talk in the most passive-agressive way imaginable:


Is this a bad time to add that the A’s were considering trading for Garza before the Cubs sent him to Texas two weeks ago? (It’s actually his account, too. There was some debate as to whether these tweets were actually coming from Garza.)

Apparently, Garza was sent over the edge by this tweet by Kaycee:


Garza later wrote something that I’m guessing is an apology. Again, on his private twitter account:


To their credit, the Sogards handled everything by sounding a lot less like crazy people:

And just because Sean Doolittle rules at Twitter:

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