David Lee says the trade rumors about him are false

Last we heard about David Lee, the Warriors were reportedly shopping him around to get an idea for his value on the market. It was certainly a news item that was all sorts of surprising and confusing and interesting and revealing.

But why would the Warriors want to trade one of their top three players? some thought. Oh, that’s right, the team managed quite capably without him in the playoffs, and he’s an empty stats machine who has an insane contract.

Also, in terms of importance to the team, now after the Andre Iguodala acquisition, Lee has probably fallen to fourth on that list.

But David Lee isn’t worried about no stinkin’ trades. That’s because he went straight to the team to get to the bottom of this, and he was told the rumors were just that. Here’s how that meeting went between Lee and Bob Myers:

(Don’t tell me Myers isn’t capable of Jedi mind tricks. How else do you think he got the Jazz to take Andris Biedrins and Richard Jefferson’s contracts?)

So, here’s what Lee told the New York Post’s Marc Berman about the rumors:

“From what I’m told from our people, those are not true,” Lee told me. “Of course in the offseason, everyone’s always available. But we’ll see what happens. Being in New York, I understand nothing is forever. Anybody is always capable of being moved anywhere. But I’m excited about the next couple of years with this team.’’

Two things:

1. Either Lee is really gullible (in which case, he’s probably really confused about all this Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez news), or the Warriors are telling the truth and they weren’t doing to their due diligence the make themselves better and create cap relief, which I find hard to believe because Adrian Wojnarowski broke that story, and if he reported that I was traded to Russia for Edward Snowden and future draft considerations, I’d actually believe him.

2. At least Lee is being realistic about the possibility of eventually being shipped out. But chances are the Warriors aren’t going to find a team willing to match the price tag — an upgrade at the position who isn’t as expensive — they’re expecting. So, unless the Warriors get more reasonable or they find a trade partner that’s crazy, Lee is probably here to stay for the time being.


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