Report: Darren McFadden doesn’t want to talk contract extension right now

Darren McFadden is set to be a free agent after this season, making this a contract year for the Raiders starting-when-healthy running back. McFadden is set to make $5.856 million in base salary this season.

Typically, this is when you try to lock up your best weapon to an extension. The Raiders of course are cautious about doing so because he’s Darren McFadden and his body is about as durable as items on clearance at the 99 cents store. OK, that’s obviously not true. His body is about as durable as items on clearance at the dollar store. But what’s important is this fact: in five seasons, McFadden has played all 16 games of a season a grand total of zero times and has missed 23 total games due to injury.

But still, McFadden is the type of player you want to lock up long term and pray to the holy ghost of Al Davis that he stays healthy.

And, according to Ian Rapoport, GM Reggie McKenzie has already tried to do just that, only for McFadden to more or less say, “nah, bro, not now”:

McFadden is entering a contract year, and the team has checked in with him about an extension. But McFadden wants to return to his old self and be in position to command big dollars after the season rather than talk now. The reality is, that scenario would be a win-win for both sides.

Because we’re all Negative Nancies, I think we all know where this is heading: Monster year this season, stays healthy, signs elsewhere in the offseason. Who knows, maybe with the Jets, which would be equal parts hilarious and depressing.


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