David Lee’s hip looks like it’s doing fine (Video)

What a summer it’s been for Warriors highlights. First there was Kent Bazremore going crazy in Summer League with some Mark Jackson “Mama, there goes that manmoments.

And now we come to David Lee.

Lee had surgery back in May to repair the torn hip flexor he suffered in the first-round of the playoffs, severely limiting his ability to play for the remainder of the team’s postseason run and rendering him more or less as a glorified mascot brought into games to boost the crowd’s morale. It’s was OK, though, because some guy named Curry picked up the slack.

But here we are less than three months removed from the hip procedure and Lee looks back to his old self. He and Bazemore recently played some pick-up games at the famous Rucker Park in New York and Lee looked, well, like an NBA all-star playing with a bunch of amateurs. But, more precisely, he was running and dunking and nearly broke the basketball hoop. Nearly breaking the basketball hoop is good!

Let’s go to the highlights!

Wouldn’t be surprised if Lee is just trying to give the Warriors a reason not to trade him. Not that he has anything to worry about.


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