Barry Zito clears waivers

So… here’s something that quietly happened on Tuesday in Giants land:

MLB’s waiver trade deadline is Aug. 31. But I can’t come up with any scenario where a team would be crazy enough to trade for Zito. (Full disclosure: I did not consider any scenarios where a team’s GM shotguns a 12-pack and then plays truth or dare with the grounds crew or has his family held hostage by fans of a rival team and the ransom is turning his team into a laughing stock. I think I just recycled the plot to “Celtic Pride,” actually.)

Sure, Zito was amazing last year in the playoffs, and the Giants aren’t the defending champs without him. But Zito is absolutely dreadful this season. Dreadful. Horrendous. Frightful. He hasn’t won a game since May. He’s since been demoted to the bullpen. The last time he pitched in a game and didn’t give up a run was in April, and that includes his two brief relief appearances recently. His ERA now looks like the GPA of an honors student at MIT. This guy stinks.

And we haven’t even gotten to the most concerning stat of all for any potentially interested teams who love to live dangerously: Zito is absolutely abysmal away from AT&T Park this season:

But, hey, if a team can convince the Giants to switch ballparks for the final month and a half, then Zito might actually be a pretty decent piece to add to your bullpen, provided you only play him at AT&T. But I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that’s not going to happen.

So, it looks like the Giants are stuck with Zito. Best case, they send him to Triple-A, in which case he’ll probably just end up back with the club when rosters expand in September. But at least the end is near.

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