Sharks getting new jerseys? (UPDATES)

On Sunday evening, the Sharks’ official Instagram page dropped this uber-cryptic video:

Wha’ happened? Did the video crap out? Did an intern mess up?

No, that’s it. Very mysterious. I almost feel like I just watched some creepy Dharma video from “Lost” with clues about the Island or the numbers. The clues we’re given to help us figure out what the hell it is we just viewed — a hashtag “#TheNextWave”, a promise of “coming soon,” separated by a quick flash of the following image, captured by Brodie Brazil:


So, what does this mean? Social media buzz is firmly in favor of it meaning the Sharks will have new jerseys this upcoming season. The above screengrab certainly looks like something off a Sharks sweater. If the blatant inclusion of a seamline doesn’t give that away, the teal-white-orange-black striped pattern does.

But those with a keen set of eyes probably notice it’s not exactly the same pattern on the current sweaters. Here’s what the Sharks have been wearing:


Those jerseys, which the Sharks have been wearing since the 2007-08 season, have two orange stripes around the black stripe. Still not clear if the logo or the all-black alternates are facing an overhaul. So, stay tuned.

The Sharks could end up teasing this out every week until much closer to the season, dropping different bits and pieces of the jersey, leaving us with a giant puzzle to solve. The next clue will hopefully be hidden in Brent Burns’ beard.

But, hey! Finally, some suspense in the Sharks offseason.

UPDATES: There have been a couple important developments since this post was first published.

First, no surprise, there will be new Sharks jerseys this season, and they will be unveiled as early as Tuesday, according to Kevin Kurz. Kurz also reports that the changes to the uniforms are being described as “tweaks” and that the black alternates remain in tact.

Second, the Sharks leaked out two more of those creepy videos, and no, neither one of them was found in Brent Burns’ beard. But they do reveal more of the new swag:

And the screenshots (shout outs to Fear the Fin) for those of you who don’t have robot eyes:



Doesn’t look like there will be any drastic overhauls, which is a relief. It does appear the use of orange is being minimized (as we suspected) and that there will no longer be black on the shoulders (teal on the road sweaters), which is a shame because we grew fond of that.

Apparently the Sharks are going for a modern take on their original sweater layout (via NHLuniforms):



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