Here are the Sharks new uniforms (Photos)

After teasing their fans with mysterious videos about “The Next Wave” for the past two days, the Sharks revealed their “new” uniforms on Tuesday. And, well, why waste any more time. Voila:







As expected, only “tweaks” to the previous sweaters rather than drastic overhauls. Most noticeable is the removal of the black shoulder yoke (teal on the road sweaters) and the piping on the lower torso. Orange accents were also minimized in multiple places on the uniform. The orange detractors are all dancing in the streets, surely.

All of the modifications were done with performance in mind. These changes help make the jersey lighter, more comfortable and easier to move in, which is why the players have preferred wearing the black alternates. Overall, the new sweaters resemble much of black alternates, from the weight to the laces on the collar. The sweaters also utilize special Reebok fabric that provides comfort and controls body temperature. It’s all pretty much rocket science. The design process is detailed here:

And here are the players reacting to the new uniforms. We think they’re excited. We think.

Overall, a simpler, cleaner look. I don’t think too many Sharks fans will hate them. I’m sure there’s already a lot who are chomping at the bit to buy the new sweaters and then ruin them with a personalized name on the back. Personally, I don’t hate the new sweaters. I just liked the previous ones more. But if the new look is supposed to help the players perform better, then that’s all that matters. At least the Sharks still look better than the Stars.

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