Raiders sign Tony Hills to help offensive line

Let me just start by saying the Raiders offensive line is awful, especially with Jared Veldheer out for at least eight games, and nothing they can do this close to the season, aside from convincing the league to legalize holding, will be able to improve it.

That said, welcome to the team, Tony Hills!

The Raiders needed to bolster their depth at tackle and signed Hills to a contract on Tuesday. With Veldheer out after triceps surgery and rookie Menelik Watson missing all but a half hour of training camp (he’s expected back on Wednesday), they were looking at having just Khalif Barnes, Alex “He only likes getting paid” Barron and somebody named Willie Smith as active tackles on the roster. Guard Tony Bergstrom has been dabbling at the position as well in practice.

From Jerry McDonald:

Hills, wearing No. 64, was initially lining up on the right side as a second-team tackle during drills, backing up Khalif Barnes.

Hills (6-foot-4, 304 pounds) has played in 10 games over five seasons with one start for Pittsburgh, Denver and Indianapolis. He was released by the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

This is what it has come to for the Raiders. They’re now resorting themselves to picking up the sloppy seconds of the Buffalo Bills. Commitment to Excellence!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sob quietly in a corner.


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