Raiders cut Josh Cribbs


The Raiders knew it was going to be a gamble bringing in Josh Cribbs after knee surgery. And on Sunday the team conceded it was a gamble that wasn’t going to pay off. Like any wager placed on the Raiders to win the Super Bowl.

Cribbs was among the first 10 players the Raiders asked to turn in their iPad playbooks as they try to pare down the roster to the 75 player limit before Tuesday.

Cribbs didn’t look anything like the three-time Pro Bowl returner with eight career return TD’s and botched two kickoffs in Friday’s loss to the Bears.

What makes this move easier is that Jacoby Ford, thankfully, looked like the Jacoby Ford of old on kick returns in Friday’s exhibition.

Also not surviving the Raiders’ first cuts: linebacker Keenan Clayton, linebacker Eric Harper, fullback Jon Hoese, wide receiver Sam McGuffie, guard Andrew Robiski, wide receiver Tray Session, defensive tackle Myles Wade and wide receiver Isiah Williams.

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