This Hunter Pence home run is the longest home run this season (Video)

A day after running full speed into the outfield wall Bump Bailey style and shaking it off like it was no big deal, Hunter Pence on Tuesday was back to Full Maniac Mode when he pummeled this pitch into some adult beverage stand beyond the left field seats:

The ball traveled an estimated 476 feet. That is the longest home run in all of the majors this season. By Hunter Pence. He of the power outage that is the San Francisco Giants. For real.

OK, fine, it was at Coors Field. Any asterisk the homer gets is an asterisk well-deserved. But let the record show it’s still the longest ball hit in 2013. Let’s see somebody else come to Denver and try to top that.

Until then, the lesson here is eat kale. Lots and lots of kale.

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