Here is Taiwan Jones jumping over a car for $200 (Video)

Some of the Raiders went out to celebrate Darren McFadden’s 26th birthday Tuesday night. (It looked like a swell night, BTW.) At some point of the evening cornerback Taiwan Jones was dared to jump over a car. Jones is the freak of an athlete who wasn’t even playing on defense last year and who, more notably, jumped out of a swimming pool backward once upon a time.

If he completed the task successfully (oh, and didn’t rip his pants!), he would be $200 richer. If he did not, well, video of him falling flat on his face goes on the Internet. The stakes were high! Let’s see how this goes:

In your face, Blake Griffin. That’s how you jump over a car.

It was probably not the wisest move to make at this time, though. A misjudged jump or a disastrous landing and Reggie McKenzie’s job would suddenly get easier.

But, hey, $200 is $200.

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