David Price had a miserable time getting to the Coliseum on Friday


So, the Bay Bridge closure the weekend has proven to be a thorn in the side of Bay Area residents in at least some way. You don’t have to tell Rays pitcher David Price about it.

For some stupid reason, the Rays decided to stay in San Francisco during their series against the A’s this weekend, despite the Bay Bridge (y’know the one major thoroughfare they’d take to get to the Coliseum) being closed for the entirety of their stay.

Anyway, there are, of course, other ways to get out of the city by vehicle. None of them, however, to take you straight into Oakland.

And then there’s BART, which would have been options A, B, C through Z for any reasonably thinking individual in the Rays’ situation. For less than $10 bucks roundtrip you’ll get to the stadium in less than a half hour from downtown SF. And get this—you get dropped off RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE COLISEUM. Plus, trains are running around the clock with the Bridge closed. Sounds perfect. But multi-million dollar athletes taking public transportation and mingling with us peons? What a silly notion. They’d rather sit in traffic!

As was the case for Price, who decided to take a cab to the game after skipping the team bus. He chronicled the whole ordeal on Twitter. And, spoiler alert: He was utterly miserable.

*cough* BART *cough*

At one point A’s rookie Sonny Gray, a fellow former Vanderbilt pitcher, chimed in to troll the Rays ace:

(All this time the team bus didn’t fare much better in its own right—even with a partial police escort.)

But Price did get to the ballpark with ample time to prepare for his start. Oh, did we say he was the starting pitcher on Friday? Yeah, he was the starting pitcher. Not the most ideal way to spend your afternoon before taking the bump.

Did Price’s tortuous trek affect the way he played? Hard to say. He picked up the loss but his numbers weren’t terrible: 7.0 innings, six hits, three earned runs, one walk, five strikeouts, one home run.

So what has Friday taught Price?

The real lesson here? Get a hotel in Oakland, people. It’s not that scary.

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