Seneca Wallace says he’s not retiring, slams Jim Harbaugh

There was little surprise on Saturday when Seneca Wallace was not one of the players to make the Niners’ final 53-man roster. Actually, we knew before the Niners’ final preseason game on Thursday this would be the case. Because the Internet is psychic like that.

But Wallace wants to make it clear that he is not retiring from football, despite rumors to the contrary. The man at the source of those rumors? One Jim Harbaugh after Thursday’s game:

Naturally, because the 24-hour news cycle is starved for stories, those remarks got picked up all over the media. And now Wallace is pissed at the Niners coach for playing Perez Hilton. From the Des Moines Register:

“For him to come out and say that, ‘Hey, Seneca’s planning on his retirement’ … I don’t think that’s even 100 percent fair for him to come out and say that because I don’t even know him,” Wallace said. “I think that should be my decision.”

Amusingly, Harbaugh was the one who notably got pissy at the media last year for jumping to conclusions about since-traded wideout AJ Jenkins:

“For those — the scribes, pundits, so-called experts — who have gone so far as to say that he’s going to be a bust, should just stop,” Harbaugh said on July 29, 2012. “I recommend that because they’re making themselves look more clueless than they already did.”

Oh, the sweet irony. I’m just curious now whether Harbaugh’s Wallace proclamation qualifies him more as a “scribe,” a “pundit” or a “so-called expert.” I’m leaning towards the latter.

Here’s more good stuff from Wallace on why he really was brought in to San Francisco:

“I’ve been around this game long enough where I can see what’s going on,” Wallace said, “and I realized right away the reason they brought me here was to get Colt to take a pay cut.” […]

“San Francisco wasn’t the best place for me,” Wallace said. “I have no hard feelings toward San Francisco. It’s just the nature of the business.”

[Des Moines Register]

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