Josh Donaldson makes stunning catch diving over tarp (Video)

Josh Donaldson on Tuesday forced himself into the play of the year discussion. And he did it while being swallowed whole by the tarp down the third base line. The dive. The catch. The glove raised in the air. Just outstanding to witness. It all surely makes his subsequent tetanus shot worth it. Because who knows what types of disgusting and disease-ridden things were awaiting him down there.

(video via MLB.com)

  • 11phenomenon

    If I hadn’t read the article I would have thought Harbaugh was really screaming at poor little children. A lot of people don’t read the articles or watch the videos so it is an irresponsible headline/teaser.

  • terpsez11

    he is pretentious — but he is old school and I like that– SF is very lucky to have him lead their team