49ers, Packers in war of words over Clay Matthews

So, Clay Matthews perhaps permanently entrenched himself in the ire of 49ers fans when he dragged golden boy Colin Kaepernick to the ground late out of bounds on Sunday.

Oh, you heard about this? Yeah, I figured. It’s the only thing anybody wants to talk about. It was arguably the most talked about moment after the game. If not for the late hit along than for the resultant skirmish that was officiated horribly and in which Matthews played patty cake with Joe Staley’s head, which you can see here:

For reaction, let’s fast forward to Monday. By then, everybody’s calmed downm, and cooler heads have prevailed, and LOL JK Jim Harbaugh acted like a mean girl:

On Monday, Harbaugh suggested Matthews’ image sustained damage after he slapped 49ers left tackle Joe Staley during a second-quarter skirmish that ensued after Matthews’ late hit on quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“I looked at it with my own eyes,” Harbaugh said the day after the 49ers’ 34-28 season-opening victory over the Packers at Candlestick Park.

“I could see two punches thrown to Joe’s head — well, one punch and one open slap, which . . . if you’re going to go to the face, come with some knuckles. I think that young man works very hard on being a tough guy. He’ll have some repairing to do to his image after the slap.”

Harbaugh gonna Harbaugh.

Over in Green Bay, Packers coach Mike McCarthy was much more mature about every—pfffft, nah, he got his own shot in at the Niners, too:

“Clay Matthews is not a dirty player, by no means. So I addressed Harbaugh’s comments in the team meeting, and as always, we’ll stay above it.”

This brings the number of people Jim Harbaugh has pissed to approximately 5,423,034. And now we really, really, really hope these two teams meet in the playoffs again.

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