BREAKING: Brent Burns takes awesome team photo

The Sharks kick off training camp Thursday, which made Wednesday picture day, which means more magical adventures with Brent Burns and Brent Burns’ hair.

How can we forget Burns’ horrifying/amazing team photo last season in which he looked like he had a dead grizzly bear on his face and had just woken up three minutes prior. It was awesome. And it also shed light on the glorious evolution of Brent Burns team photos through the years. For this year’s team photo, you wouldn’t have been considered crazy if you expected him to show up looking like Cousin It.

But, alas, that is not the case, although he did not disappoint. (C’mon, people. He knows he’s got a tradition to uphold here.) The beard is still there, though perhaps to a lesser degree of fluff. But now Burns also compliments the beard with a samurai look:


And a closer look, via Brodie Brazil:


Here’s a prediction for 2014. Never say never.

[via @sanjosesharks]

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