Anthony Dixon calls Seahawks ‘She-hawks’; KJ Wright calls 49ers ‘Forty-Whiners’

Big game in football this Sunday night. You may have heard. Seahawks. Niners. Winner doesn’t have to lose an eye brow. Loser… well, loser doesn’t have to lose an eyebrow, either. But this is still one of the marquee games of the season for obvious reasons.

Arguably the two best teams in the NFC. Definitely the two teams with the most enjoyable amount of contempt for the other in recent NFL memory.

The firmly established level of poo-slinging has not diminished this week leading up to the game. The status quo has been met. What Seahawks-49ers game wouldn’t be without any from either respective side? There’s a reputation to uphold here, people.

And thanks to two players, we are not disappointed. 49ers running back/awesome hair guy Anthony Dixon:


For some lame reason that tweet has been deleted.

Not to be outdone with the third-grade-level jokes, Dixon’s former college teammate at Mississippi State and She-hawks linebacker KJ Wright responded with a tweet that has also since been deleted:

lol the she hawks!! I’ll be sure relay the message to the fellas.. Its gone be a long night for you and the forty whiners.

These teams are the best.

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