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Sebastian Janikowski denies rooting against the A’s

Unless their bullpen has anything to do with it, the A’s appear on track for a second consecutive year of October baseball. That’s good news for A’s fans. Not so much for Sebastian Janikowski, aka Grumpy McGrumperson.

You see, Bud Selig isn’t the only one who’s hardly thrilled when the A’s make the playoffs. That’s because Janikowski allegedly hopes they never make it to the postseason so he doesn’t have to kick footballs off baseball dirt in the Coliseum any longer than he already has to.

How do we know this? Because Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee does not observe #StopSnitching.

The Jags are in Oakland this week in what’s quite obviously the game the whole world’s looking forward to this weekend. Scobee was asked about having to kick on a baseball field and recalled a previous conversation he had with Janikowski. From Jacksonville.com:

Scobee said that Raider kicker Sebastian Janikowski told him he roots every year for the A’s to miss the playoffs so the dirt is replaced by sod sooner.

Or so Scobee says.

Because when you go to the man — or the leg — himself, it’s a different story. From BANG:

“(The conversation) didn’t happen,” Janikowski said. “I just wanted you to know … write it down.”

In fact, Janikowski says he cheers for the A’s and has even been to a few games:

“I want them to do well … If they make the postseason, I’m excited for them.”

So, basically, he’s on the bandwagon just like everyone else in the Bay Area will be come Oct. 1.

Even if Scobee’s story is true, the football gods have already thrown Janikowski a bone by having the Raiders and Chargers switch home games for their two games this season in case the A’s take their pennant chase to the next level.

It’s not like Janikowski has ever been held hostage by the baseball infield, though. He’s become one of the most successful kickers in history even while kicking balls from second base for the first month or so of every Raiders season. What’s more, Janikowski even thinks the dirt works in the Raiders’ favor:

“I think it’s an advantage for us,” Janikowski said. “Guys come in and think about it so much, (wondering), ‘Do I have to plant my foot differently?’”

That’s if the Raiders defense manages to stop the other team’s offense, AMIRITE?


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