A’s upset by questionable antics from Yu Darvish

The A’s on Saturday extended their AL West lead to 5.5 games over the Rangers thanks to a 1-0 victory, the fourth such defeat for Rangers starter Yu Darvish this season.

Before you go feeling sorry for Yu for the lack of run support from a team that looks nothing like a playoff team right now, here’s a story from Saturday’s contest that might make you think otherwise:

Darvish got the A’s ticked off a little in the sixth inning Saturday when, with [Josh] Donaldson in the batter’s box, he yelled “fastball” and then threw a curve.

Donaldson was hardly surprised. He picked out the curve and drove a single to center.

The A’s third baseman said that Darvish has done the same thing before and that it didn’t bother him.

It bothered some of his teammates, however. Coco Crisp had to be restrained a little by his teammates when he started yelling at Darvish from the dugout.

Afterward, Crisp said “it’s something that’s not for the media.”

Bush league? Yeah, pretty bush league.

Yelling at batters the pitch that’s coming goes against the unwritten rules of baseball, regardless of what pitch is actually thrown. It’s probably right up there with admiring home runs and bat flips in the strata of baseball no-nos. Which means Yasiel Puig probably would be doing it every game if he was a pitcher.

Maybe Yu is just frustrated with the dumpster fire the Rangers have been of late. They’re 2-8 in their last 10 and have surrendered their lead in the AL West and have buried themselves in second place.

But there’s no excuse for bush league behavior. That’s where a respected veteran catcher like AJ Pierzynski needs to intervene and set an example for the young pitcher. Oh, wait.

So, you can now add Yu to the list Rangers pitchers who have beef with the A’s.


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