Lew Wolff finds A’s attendance figures ‘depressing’

Lew Wolff needs help, you guys. The righteous A’s owner can’t seem to figure out why his team’s attendance numbers have dropped in September. It is a curious phenomenon, considering the circumstances. The A’s appear on track for their second consecutive division title and are currently playing arguably their best baseball of the season.

From USA Today:

“There is something wrong here,” Wolff told USA TODAY Sports. “You would think that with our lead, people would want to come out, count down the magic numbers, and all that stuff.

“Even if you’re not a loyal fan, you would think this time of year, where the teams are in the standings, and where every game means something, people would come out.” […]

“It’s depressing,” Wolff said. “I really expected the crowds to be huge this week.”

Uh, well, let’s see. Just gonna rattle off some potential factors, however wrong or right, here…

School has started back up again. The Coliseum isn’t located in one of the more desirable destinations in the Bay Area. It also lacks any sort of “stadium experience” that may attract the casual fan.

And on top of all that—OH, WHAT DO YOU KNOW—the ownership is hellbent on trying to GTFO of Oakland in favor of the cushier South Bay. GEE, CAN’T THINK OF WHY THE LOCALS WOULDN’T WANT TO THROW THEIR SUPPORT BEHIND SUCH SHAMELESS CARPETBAGGING LIKE THAT.

So, yeah, Lew Wolff is right. Something is wrong here.

[USA Today]

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